The Sisters

Karen and Joyce Koch

Karen Koch, 51, is a Michigan native and instructor in the business department of Mott Community College.

While teaching the internship classes, Karen spends her time helping students gain real-world experience and preparing them for their first jobs.

Karen graduated from the University of Michigan, Flint and has been teaching since 1986. She is a proud member of the Michigan Education Association.

Karen grew up in Flint as part of a Democratic union family. Her father, a UAW member, held jobs as a tinsmith and draftsman while her mom, a Teamster, worked as a payroll supervisor.

Karen has two grown children – a daughter, who graduated from the University of Michigan who works in manufacturing and a son – who is a classical guitarist at Wayne State University. Her husband works as a computer systems engineer.

Karen is active in Michigan politics, currently volunteering for Democratic Senate candidate Gary Peters and Gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer. She also served as a volunteer for President Obama’s reelection.

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