SO not related to those guys.

  • The Sisters

    Meet Joyce and Karen Koch – they are not related to David and Charles Koch... or to each other. But they are sisters where it counts – in spirit, in union solidarity, and in their shared values.

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    The Brothers

    Meet David and Charles Koch: Just your run of the mill right wing secretive billionaires who use their wealth to subvert democracy and enact a self-serving agenda at the expense of working families.

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    The Difference

    The Sisters

    • Believe there is too much money in politics and it can have a corrupting influence on policy making.

    The Brothers

    • Have spent and raised hundreds of millions of dollars to influence elections and have vowed to spend even more.
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    How are you different from the Koch Brothers?

    Our Media

    Check out our latest videos and photos of the Koch Sisters.
  • 10.06.14
  • Obedience
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  • 09.19.14
  • Speaking at a Rally in DC
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    The Project

  • Press Release
  • AFL-CIO “Koch Sisters” Campaign Expands with New TV Advertising
  • 09.08.14
  • Expanding on the national campaign that introduced America to the Koch Sisters, an all-new television ad “Almost Evil” begins running today. Press Releases
  • Wisconsin Gazette
  • Election watch: Meet the Koch sisters, ‘so not related to those guys’
  • 09.10.14
  • Heard of the Koch brothers, the billionaires buying up influence across the country to push a conservative agenda and further their business interests? Yes, probably. But what about the Koch sisters? News Clips

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  • You know the Koch Brothers. Now meet the @KochSisters.

    The @KochSisters: SO not related to *those guys*.

    The @KochSisters didn't inherit a multi-million dollar conglomerate. How are you different from the Koch Brothers?

    Invite your friends and family to join the Koch Sisters and get a FREE @KochSisters t-shirt!

    I'm a Koch Sister, too!

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